May 25th 2011

On May 25th from 13:30, “Komaki Environmental ISO Network Meeting” was held at Komaki city hall. Influence of Tohoku earthquake and operation stop of Hamaoka nuclear plant, saving energy activities will be undertaken everywhere in Japan. Komaki city is not an exception and Komaki city set up saving energy department. Our company also does saving energy activities such as peak cut of contract electricity and in-house research of unnecessary energy consumption. Through those activities, we hope consequences of energy cut among employee makes higher. With an introduction from one of participant, explanation about LED light was held by lighting company. Even though it might needs to earn cost benefit. We will take a consideration to use LED light when we need to install new lighting.


Komaki Enviromental ISO Network

On May 14th, the Komaki environmental ISO network meeting was held at Komaki prefecture. The topic was ISO network activities, information about ISO14001 and prevention measurement for Komaki city’s global warming. Several companies showed their interests to photovoltaic power generation.

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