Policy & Action Agenda

We recognize the global environmental safeguards are the most major themes of human race, and minimize a burden on an environment and contribute to Aich prefecture with the specific solutions. We describe the environmental policy as follows. We decide on “Environmental Policy” as below to recognize the importance of environmental conservation, reduce environmental impact and protect environment with our employees’ participation.


Environmental Policy


  1. We try our best to prevent pollution and minimize a burden on an environment with an energy-saving measure, conserving natural resources and recycling through our business.
  2. We set our goal in environmental safeguards to be reexamined regularly and we improve the environmental management system continuously with the internal environmental inspection.
  3. We obey all the legislations about environment, and the other demands which we agree.
  4. To improve the consciousness toward environment, we carry out an education and enlightenment active for staffs.
  5. We write down the document about the environmental policy, and publish it to the all staffs, as well as the outsider’s requests.

  6. April 1st, 2007
    Misuzu Industry Co.,Ltd.
    The president-director Fumikatsu Suzuki


Environmental Activities
Misuzu Industry Co.,Ltd.
The president-director Fumikatsu Suzuki

We established the environmental policy, to show our attitude toward environmental activity. We carry it out with our original environmental operation system which follows ISO14001 and each station has each activity which fit their conditions. We try our best to improve the environment with an energy-saving measure, conserving natural resources and recycling.


Environmental Guidline


In any activities, we continuously execute environmental management under a policy as below.

1. On our business activities such as semiconductor, ceramic products and heater, all employees should promote environmental management activities in any process of manufacturing, managing and supplying the service.
2. We follow all the environmental regulations and the agreements and decide our standard in order to improve management.
3. In our supplies, we guarantee that there is no customer’s prohibited material in it.
4.  We promote to prevent environmental pollution controlling industrial waste and exhaust gas which made in the process of manufacturing and management process.


1. We promote to save the energy by producing more efficient manufacturing and other equipments.
2. We promote to save resources by making business operation more efficiently and getting rid of waste.
3. We promote effective use of resources by recycling.
4. We promote improvement of environmental pollution by managing chemical products and toxic substances properly.
5.  We prevent environmental pollution by setting our environmental object and goal to evaluate our achievement and reexamined our goal regularly.
6. We public the environmental policy to all employees through environmental education and internal public relations.
7. We public our environmental activities with other’s requests.

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