Product Lineup

We design and manufacture customized heater corresponding to customer's demand.
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Model : M-04

○Radiation surface: 124×248
○Temperature(Radiation surface): Operation:Under 400℃ Maximum:Under 500℃
○Input・Output: Input AC200V→Output 1000W / Input AC100V→Output 500W
○Example of use: FDP manufacturing device, Reflow soldering furnace, Dryer for repairing painting, etc
○Other: Combine with M-04 and adjustable radiation surface size.


Model : M-02

○Radiation surface: 40×30
○Temperature(Radiation surface): Operation:under 400℃ Maximum:under 500℃
○Input・Output: AC100V→Output 220W
○Example of use: Industrial small sized heater
○Rate of temperature: RT→200℃: 3.0sec RT→500℃:14.5sec

Model : M-03

○Radiation surface 124×124
○Temperature(Radiation surface): Operation:under 400℃ Maximum:under 500℃
○Input・Output: Input:AC200V→Output:500W, Input:AC100V→Output:500W
○Example of use: FPD manufacturing device(continuous furnace),Reflow soldering furnace,Dryer for repairing painting,etc
○Other: Possible to correspond larger size of work by combining several M-04
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