Steel Heater's Characteristics

1.Quick Response
・From characteristic of heater's material, it offers high temperature rate.
・When temperature decreased, it is rapid to back to designated temperature.

2.High IR (far infrared radiation) radiation efficiency.
・By special processing of IR radiate surface, it realized above 95% of IR radiation efficiency.
・With radiation, steel heater can heat indirectly. (Characteristic of IR)

3. Wide range of design.
・Not only flat type heater, it is also able to manufacture pipe type heater.
・Manufacturable thin heater of 0.4mm.
・Manufacturable small-sized with high power type heater and large-sized heater. EX)1200×1000mm
・It is easy to adjust temperature distribution of radiation surface by placing heating element at random.
・Stainless is used for foundation of the heater and this make welding assembly possible.

4.Usable in a clean room.
・By coating with special glass, heater can be used in the clean room of class 100.

5.Usable under inert gas atmosphere.
・Under inert gas atmosphere, steel heater does not influence inside the chamber.
・Able to acquire IR characteristic under inert gas atmosphere.


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