CEO Message

We keep trying to enter into a new technical field, making full use of the cultivated ceramic technology


Nowadays, it is the time of the multimedia based on a digital network. The parts of the semiconductor, the devices of the crystal, and the fiber of the optical communication will be minuter, denser, faster, and its speed of the evolution will be faster and faster. At the same time, the situation surrounded the industrial world is changing. Most company has the obligation of the environmental safeguards, so that we are required to have various angles toward developing technology. Under such circumstances, we develop the high level technology to manufacture various product such as micro fabrication, printing, multi-layer manufacturing, high-temperature sintering, special soldering in order to live up to the customer’s expectations. Improving the level of such technology, we are going to enter into a new technical field. To be the global company, we keep developing our technology with a positive attitude.

CEO Fumikatsu Suzuki


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